The Sustaining of Church Officers
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“The Sustaining of Church Officers,” Ensign, Nov. 1982, 19

Saturday Afternoon Session
October 2, 1982

The Sustaining of Church Officers

There have been no changes among the General Authorities since the last general conference. It is therefore proposed that we sustain all of the General Authorities and general officers of the Church as at present constituted.

Those in favor may manifest it by the uplifted hand. Any opposed may manifest it by the uplifted hand.

President Gordon B. Hinckley

This composite arrangement of portraits and photographs of early Apostles in the Church was created by photographer George Edward Anderson, ca. 1880. The Apostles are numbered according to the order in which they were ordained: (1) Thomas B. Marsh (not pictured, but listed in the lower right-hand corner with eight others who, by that time, had fallen away from the Church and are likewise not pictured), (2) David W. Patten (killed in 1838; apparently no portrait available to Anderson), (3) Brigham Young, (4) Heber C. Kimball, (5) Orson Hyde, (6) William E. M’Lellin, (7) Parley P. Pratt, (8) Luke S. Johnson, (9) William Smith, (10) Orson Pratt, (11) John F. Boynton, (12) Lyman E. Johnson, (13) John E. Page, (14) John Taylor, (15) Wilford Woodruff, (16) George A. Smith, (17) Willard Richards, (18) Lyman Wight, (19) Amasa M. Lyman, (20) Ezra T. Benson, (21) Charles C. Rich, (22) Lorenzo Snow, (23) Erastus Snow, (24) Franklin D. Richards, (25) George Q. Cannon, (26) Joseph F. Smith, (27) Brigham Young, Jr., (28) Albert Carrington, (29) Moses Thatcher, (30) Francis M. Lyman, (31) John Henry Smith. At center is a photograph of the First Presidency: George Q. Cannon, First Counselor; President John Taylor; and Joseph F. Smith, Second Counselor; and above that is a painting of the Savior, with portraits of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith on either side. Also pictured are the Kirtland, Nauvoo, St. George, and Logan temples, plus an architect’s drawing of the Salt Lake Temple, which was under construction.