The Spirit of Fasting
January 1982

“The Spirit of Fasting,” Ensign, Jan. 1982, 63

The Spirit of Fasting

I am hypoglycemic, and like a diabetic I cannot go for a lengthy period of time without eating. For almost four years I felt as though I couldn’t fully participate on fast Sunday. From time to time I would try to fast, but would become ill. Yet I ached to obtain the strength one receives as he controls his bodily appetites to receive the things of the Spirit. I felt that it wasn’t fair to be afflicted with this condition; surely I and others with similar problems needed to reap the same blessings as those who were able to fast.

Recently an idea came to me about how I could fast and not go without food. I refrain from partaking of unnecessary food, like potato chips, cookies, or other snack-type items. I partake only of wholesome, life-sustaining food, and I eat only amounts needed to keep me from becoming ill. I have found that this not only gives me a sense of accomplishment, but allows me to feel that I am putting my appetites in subjection to spiritual things.

By following the spirit of the fast this way, I’ve found myself nourished by the Spirit of the Lord. Catherine D. Coltharp, Lompoc, California