Restoring Family Photos
January 1982

“Restoring Family Photos,” Ensign, Jan. 1982, 61

Restoring Family Photos

While sorting through old family pictures recently, we came across a faded, rolled-up photo of the log slide on grandpa’s coastal Washington farm. Age and rough treatment had caused tears and cracks which required first aid before the picture could be framed.

First, we carefully glued the photo to mounting board with rubber cement, being sure to smooth out any bumps. Next, we covered both with a sheet of laminating film. (This can be purchased at most photo supply stores.) Finally, we put the photo, board, and film inside a “carrier” and pressed it in a dry mount press until the film had adhered completely and bonded to the mounting board. Under heat and pressure the laminating adhesive had eliminated the cracks and bends.

Now our treasured photo can be framed and displayed as a part of our family heritage. Catherine R. Slaughter, Tacoma, Washington