Get Well—and Do It Now!
January 1982

“Get Well—and Do It Now!” Ensign, Jan. 1982, 79

Get Well—and Do It Now!

“Dear President Kimball, I always watch conference on TV. This time I missed you very much that I almost cried. Love, Shannon Glenn, 5th Grade.”

“Dear Profet, I love you very much. You are a good man. Will you call me when you get well. From Emily.”

“Can a little child like me …

Thank the Prophet, fittingly

Ask a blessing reverently

From a heart of purity.

Get Well Soon!

Orem 93rd Ward Primary.”

It was a spontaneous outpouring of love from the world over—nearly six thousand heartfelt expressions of sympathy, concern, and encouragement for a stricken President of the Church. The messages came on tiny, handcrafted papers with crayon borders; on elaborate posters bearing dozens of signatures; on lovingly selected “cheer-up” cards. Without exception, the message was love.

“To The Best Pres. of The Church Ever.”

“Get well soon. I like to listen to you talk. Love, Kim.”

The get-well wishes were collected in an attractive display in the lobby of the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, where visitors spent long minutes gazing at them—not the sort of thing you did with dry eyes. Most of the messages were from Primary children and their teachers.

Among the messages received, one stands out as representative. It reflects the faith and innocent wisdom of a Primary child in Seattle, Washington.

“Dear President Kimball, I’ve heard what happened to you. I hope you get better. I have been paying my tithing and trying to be good.

“I don’t have a lot of time so I will finish. I’ll pray for you every night, so you can get better. Try to remember to pray, and Heavenly Father will help you, I’m sure.”

Some 6,000 get-well messages for President Kimball were displayed in the Church Office Building. (Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten.)