Pheasants from Heaven
February 1981

“Pheasants from Heaven,” Ensign, Feb. 1981, 57

Pheasants from Heaven

When my husband was a seventy we often had the missionaries and their investigators in our home, sometimes for dinner. We enjoyed their company and the Spirit.

One Friday, however, I miscalculated our budget, leaving me with only a small vegetable dish as the main course for dinner. I’m sure the missionaries would not have been offended, but I worried that the investigator they were bringing might feel we didn’t think much of him. I realized my Heavenly Father had an interest in the evening, so I asked him to help me. I trusted him, but did not know how anything could change.

A few hours before dinner, my visiting teachers came to visit me. I had always enjoyed their company, but this visit turned out to be even more rewarding. As they were leaving, the older sister said, “Let me give you something. My husband is a bit of a hunter, and sometimes we just get more than the two of us can eat. Would you like to have a couple of pheasants? They’re all dressed.”

“Thank you, Father,” I thought to myself. “You truly do provide.” We had a wonderful dinner. Sherry Downing, Sewell, New Jersey