Help for a Student
February 1981

“Help for a Student,” Ensign, Feb. 1981, 56

Help for a Student

For several years I wrestled with the decision to change my career and become a school counselor. In making the decision, I had to evaluate my life, time, and commitments. Not only was I busy in my full-time career as a teacher, I also had a husband to care for, had many callings in the Church, and worked on various community projects.

I remember thinking of some good advice my bishop gave me during my college days. He said if I would attend to my church callings and never study on Sundays, I would find the time to study during the other six days and the Lord would help me graduate. I had followed his advice as an undergraduate and decided to follow it again.

As the time came for me to take my comprehensive examination, I became worried about passing it. I spent a good deal of time praying, asking the Lord to help me remember all I had studied over the years. A few days before the test, I was praying and a very distinct voice said to me, “Be calm, you will pass your exam.” From that moment I felt completely calm and at peace. I passed the exam, and have been practicing as a school counselor for the past four years. Dianne Letsch, Springdale, Arkansas