Feeding Time, Reading Time
February 1981

“Feeding Time, Reading Time,” Ensign, Feb. 1981, 57

Feeding Time, Reading Time

Over a period of several years, I had gotten into the habit of daily scripture reading and study, even though I had a small baby to care for. Feeding time became my reading time. My study seemed to dissolve my daily frustrations and increase my patience and understanding.

With the birth of another child, feeding time remained reading time, but the scriptures were shared more and more often with “The Little Engine That Could.” Slowly, my reading time diminished until I was no longer reading or studying. As this study time vanished, so did my patience.

It wasn’t until I read Mollie H. Sorensen’s article on being a good, loving mother in the April 1977 Ensign that I realized I couldn’t do without my daily scripture reading. It was hard to start again, but my own self-esteem needed a boost.

After a month of daily studying, my patience returned. The calming influence of the scriptures enabled me to view myself and my family as we should be viewed—as children of our Heavenly Father. Janice K. Aubrey, Salt Lake City, Utah