Winners of the 1980 Writing Contests
March 1980

“Winners of the 1980 Writing Contests,” Ensign, Mar. 1980, 60

Winners of the 1980 Writing Contests

In its first year, the All-Church Music Contest received an impressive number of entries: 148 songs and 51 hymns. Entries in other contests were submitted in greater numbers than in any previous year. The All-Church Writing Contest received 206 articles (compared to 123 last year), 204 short stories (up from 148 last year), and 532 poems (up from 435 last year). The 1980 Eliza R. Snow Poetry Writing Contest for Women received 204 entries, compared to 148 in 1979. Other entries were disqualified for not meeting the rules.

Winners of the 1980 All-Church Writing Contest are:

Article division: First Prize ($150), Sara Brown Neilson of Sierra Madre, California, for “The Miracle Mile” (page 62); second prize ($100), Janice Kapp Perry of Provo, Utah, for “Shared Son”; and third prize ($75), Olive W. Nalder of Layton, Utah, for “The Answer.” Sister Neilson is a previous short story contest winner. Honorable mentions were awarded to Dianne Dibb Forbis of Rexburg, Idaho, for “‘Can He Make a Milkshake?’”; to Betty Jan Murphy of Tucson, Arizona, for “Six Memorable Family Activities and What They Did for Our Family”; and to Charlynn Parker Anderson of Murray, Utah, for “‘Just Endure to the End of Today.’”

Short story division: First prize ($150), Joel D. Chaston of Salt Lake City, Utah, for “The Call” (page 68); second prize ($100), John Christopher Larsen of El Centro, California, for “Eye Hath Not Seen”; and third prize ($75), Dianne Dibb Forbis of Rexburg, Idaho, for “Cheerios, Charlie, and Cheer.” An honorable mention went to Patty Redd Kennington of Ontario, Oregon, for “Bus Stop.”

Poetry division: First prize ($75), Kathryn R. Ashworth of Provo, Utah, for “At My Daughter’s Baptism” (page 65); second prize ($50), Kathy Evans of Mill Valley, California, for “Journey into Morning” (page 66); and third prize ($40), Dawn Baker Brimley of Provo, Utah, for “John Ormond, Welsh Poet, Speaks.” Sister Ashworth is a previous winner in this contest and in the Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest. Honorable mentions were awarded to Wendy J. Allen of Suffolk, England, for “Poem for Two Voices,” and to Julia Nelson of Mountain View, Alberta, Canada, for “Turning.”

Winners of the 1980 All-Church Music Contest are:

Song division: First prize ($150), Joanne Parker of Bellevue, Washington, and Madelyn Larsen of Issaquah, Washington, for “What Builds Temples” (page 72); second prize ($100), David Dahlquist of Payson, Utah, for “Lullaby”; and honorable mention, Joleen Meredith and Emma Lou Thayne, both of Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Where Can I Turn for Peace?”

Hymn division: First prize ($150), Steve Jones of Murray, Utah, for “Turn to Us Thy Loving Eyes” (page 71); second prize ($100), Dan Carter of Caldwell, Idaho, for “Hymn of Peace”; and honorable mention, Joan Barnett of Provo, Utah, for “Sacrifice.”

Winners of the Relief Society’s Eliza R. Snow Poetry contest for women for 1980 are: First prize ($75), Barbara A. Elliott of Glendale, New York, for “Sesquicentennial” (page 66); second prize ($50), Janice Hess of Salem, Oregon, for “Here” (page 67); third prize ($40), Kathy Evans of Mill Valley, California, for “Pale Woman, Lean Woman” (page 67).

Sara Brown Neilson; Joel D. Chaston; Kathryn R. Ashworth; Joanne Parker; Steve Jones; Barbara A. Elliot