A Mote in His Eye
March 1980

“A Mote in His Eye,” Ensign, Mar. 1980, 29

A Mote in His Eye

After seven years, the romance and excitement of our temple marriage had faded. Crying babies, sleepless nights, financial struggles, frustrations of mingling two personalities—nothing seemed as perfect or as wonderful as an eternal marriage was supposed to be.

Since I had tried to be the perfect wife, mother, and Latter-day Saint, our problems, of course, were his fault. If only he weren’t so tired and grouchy when he came home. If only he made more money. If only he would change—we would have that ideal marriage I dreamed about!

But nothing worked: not prodding, nagging, crying, or anything else. Finally, I turned to the Lord in desperation.

I didn’t get what I was expecting. Instead, the answer was: “You are not yet perfect yourself. Work on improving yourself, and your marriage will soon take care of itself.”

That was five years ago; now things are much happier at our house. We’re still not perfect. But one thing is certain: that answer to prayer was the best advice I’ve ever received. Susan McBee, Grand Junction, Colorado