At My Daughter’s Baptism

    “At My Daughter’s Baptism,” Ensign, Mar. 1980, 65

    At My Daughter’s Baptism

    First Place All-Church Poetry Contest

    And Eve … was glad, saying: Were it not for our transgression, we never should have had seed, and never should have known … the joy of our redemption (Moses 5:11).

    Child, see the fawn high-bounding,

    vaulting the road, tracing the leaping doe

    to the spring spurting around the pipe wounding

    the soft earth. You know

    the water, the toes gripping the wet stones,

    the cupped hand running over, the slow

    drinking, the glad moans.

    Now hear the dawn’s great trumpet blasting

    gold fanfare over the ridge: green

    aspens shiver in the rushing sound, a casting

    of bright echoes between

    the summit and the far mountains. The peacock may

    proceed to spread his burning eyes, to preen,

    to strut across the day.

    Tonight, beyond the dusty hours, when the coals

    lie like hot-bellied clouds within

    the glowing pit and the night like airy stoles

    upon our shoulders, the thin

    veils that keep us from the stars will fly

    loose in the night wind, and we will spin

    glass cartwheels in the sky.

    Photography by Jed A. Clark