More Music Items
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“More Music Items,” Ensign, Jan. 1980, 72

More Music Items

The following two music items were announced in a recent Messages, sent to stake/mission/district presidents and to bishops and branch presidents:

“a. Hymns and Children’s Songs (PBMU0406). A booklet containing thirty-five standard hymns and ten children’s songs. Many of the hymns and songs are in lower keys, making them easier to sing. Accompaniments for all hymns and songs are presented in the Hymns and Children’s Songs: Cassettes of Music for Worship Services (VVOT0529). The price for this booklet is forty cents each. These same hymns and songs are also included in the new Gospel Principles manual (PBIC0245).

“b. Hymns and Children’s Songs: Cassettes of Music for Worship Services (VVOT0529). A set of six cassette tapes presenting music for nine sacrament meetings, including a prelude; accompaniments for opening, sacrament, and closing hymns; and a postlude. The tapes also present accompaniments for ten children’s songs and eight additional hymns for special occasions. These tapes may be used for meetings where standard musical instruments are not available. Suitable for any language area, the tapes include all the hymns and songs found in Hymns and Children’s Songs (PBMU0406). The price is $5.00 per set.

“Both items should be useful, particularly in areas of the Church with limited musical resources and in Latter-day Saint homes. Both items are being adapted for use in established languages and in many emerging languages.”