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“Loyalty,” Ensign, Jan. 1980, 74


The Lord said, “And he that will not take up his cross and follow me, and keep my commandments, the same shall not be saved.” (D&C 56:2.) That is an interesting and meaningful phrase, to “take up [one’s] cross.” I wonder if taking up one’s cross might mean to sacrifice whatever is necessary to be a true member of Christ’s church, to accept full membership in the kingdom of God, to be a loyal, willing subject—that is, to put the kingdom of God first, above all other considerations.

The men and women who have lived as honored, faithful, and revered Latter-day Saints in the history of the Church are those who have contributed to the building of the kingdom of God and the eventual establishment of Zion. Because they have been one with the Brethren, they have been accepted of the Lord. We know that these Saints have exercised their free agency in a manner that brought great blessings to themselves. They have believed that loyalty to the living prophets is of great necessity in demonstrating their faith in God, although it requires setting aside personal feelings, ideas, and even comforts.

Roy W. Doxey, Director, Correlation Review, Church Offices