The Blessing of Blessings
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“The Blessing of Blessings,” Ensign, Jan. 1980, 75

The Blessing of Blessings

My wife and I have been blessed with four lively little girls. Some time ago one of them became ill with an ear infection. We gave her some medication and put her to bed, but a short while later we could hear her crying again.

I went to her bedroom and realized that her ear was bothering her a great deal. She cried and tossed and turned in her crib; she wanted me to hold her, and yet she wanted to be in bed. You parents know how it is when a child is sick. I caressed her brow; I sang softly to her; I held her in my arms. She dozed momentarily and then was awake again. Comfort did not come to her.

For an hour I did everything that any other father could and would be disposed to do. But when I saw that she still suffered, I did something that only a few fathers can do for their children. I decided to give her a blessing. I knelt down at the side of her crib, put my hands through the bars and placed them on her head. The blessing was simple and not very long, but before I had finished my little girl had fallen asleep and she rested peacefully until morning.

I didn’t have to go in search of a priest or a minister. The church of Jesus Christ gives to every father who is willing to meet the requirements the sacred privilege of holding the priesthood. We can bless our families and administer to them the saving ordinances.

Think for a moment, if you will, about your friends and relatives. Among them are there not many parents who love their children? Are there not among them fathers who would like to be able to bless their children? You brethren who know the joy of blessing your wife and children, wouldn’t you like your brother, your cousin, your uncle, and your friend to have the same privilege? Are you willing to share that joy with them?

Allen E. Litster
Special Projects, Welfare Services Department