Home Evening Agenda
August 1979

“Home Evening Agenda,” Ensign, Aug. 1979, 60

Home Evening Agenda

We were already using a typical home-evening assignment chart. But all too often our preparations were last-minute, and not well thought out. When my husband called us together for a family home evening, he didn’t know ahead of time who was prepared or the specifics of our various assignments. It was sometimes difficult to begin with a spirit of reverence.

Since what we needed was organization and preparation, we solved the problem by making up a supply of agenda sheets. Each week we now attach one of these sheets to a clipboard which hangs in the kitchen. We still use our old assignment chart, so that each person knows his assignment; but after each has done his preparation, he “signs in” on the agenda sheet. Preparations must be completed by dinner time on Monday.

Now when dad calls us together for family home evening, the agenda sheet shows song titles, lesson title, detailed activities, description of treats, and the name of each one assigned.

There are side benefits, too. At the bottom of the agenda, the person in charge can write his thoughts and feelings about that home evening. These sheets are compiled in a home evening journal for future reference. What a difference this system has made in the quality of our family home evenings! Sandra Smith, Tempe, Arizona