Benediction for David’s Father

    “Benediction for David’s Father ,” Ensign, Aug. 1979, 33

    Benediction for David’s Father

    In parlored dark

    we said a last goodnight

    to clay-cold flesh

    encased in temple white

    and green,

    Good-morrow to a friend

    we all had cherished

    to the end

    of life.

    Eyes like blackened jewels

    in isinglass-thin,

    wrinkle-layered skin

    betrayed no rising miracle,

    no modern Lazarus

    to rob the grave

    and save us

    from our loss.

    We knew the Christ,

    believed the resurrection,

    saw in David’s final supplication

    hope for future union

    in a kingdom-heaven

    endless in its light and life

    and truth.


    faith in things not seen

    would not cleanse from our hearts

    the sting of pain,

    make from age, youth,

    or, from once-used dust,

    make life again.