Catalog Your Patterns
August 1979

“Catalog Your Patterns,” Ensign, Aug. 1979, 60

Catalog Your Patterns

Do you get tired of searching for a sewing pattern? Do your pattern envelopes get torn and pieces lost? Is it hard to fit all those pieces of tissue paper back into the envelope? Here is a solution.

Store the pieces to each pattern in an eight-by-ten-inch manila envelope. At the top of the envelope, write the pattern number and brand name. File these in numerical order in your pattern drawer or box. Then punch holes in the original pattern envelope so that it will fit in a small looseleaf notebook. Group together dresses, pantsuits, children’s wear, etc., as in a store catalog.

When you want to sew, look through your catalog, find the pattern picture you like, check the number, and get the pattern from your file. Paula J. Lewis, San Bernardino, California