Beyond Our Works and Days

    “Beyond Our Works and Days,” Ensign, July 1977, 61

    Beyond Our Works and Days

    Thy word determining

    beyond our works and days,

    what should we rather sing

    than thee, Lord, and thy ways?

    Softer the rose and gold

    cloud at each close of day;

    no fit place for an old

    head that is white or gray.

    Sharper each whiter hill

    against each grayer dawn;

    keener each morning chill

    that prophesies the sun.

    Meet death, not facing west,

    but clear in orient light.

    Look, not for dusk or rest,

    but work in God’s own sight.

    The end we must endure

    begins; we sing thy praise:

    thy word alone is sure

    to crown our works and days.