Our Heaven Is Our Home

    “Our Heaven Is Our Home,” Ensign, July 1977, 36

    Special Issue: The Arts

    Our Heaven Is Our Home

    1. Our heaven is our home,

    Our place on earth to kneel,

    Where nearest to our Father’s throne

    We live and love and feel.

    2. The gentle dew of grace

    Rests on our morning prayer.

    The soft light from our mother’s face

    Reflects her constant care.

    3. Like rainbows crowned with light

    That promise glory soon,

    The children fill the darkest night

    With all the hope of noon.

    4. The sunset’s golden rays

    Glow in our father’s eyes:

    His strengthened hands with prayer and praise

    Hold firm our family ties.

    5. Our heaven is our home,

    Where miracles increase.

    And where we hope our Christ may come

    To bless us with his peace.

    music, Our Heaven Is Our Home