Family Puppets
June 1977

“Family Puppets,” Ensign, June 1977, 63

Family Puppets

Storytelling can be made more fun and effective through the use of puppets. Simple puppets can be made to represent story characters or even members of the family. Each puppet should have one distinguishing feature such as hair, glasses, or a mustache to identify the person it is to represent. The rest of the face should be blank.

Then all kinds of different facial features and expressions can be made out of felt, backed with a bit of Velcro. Small pieces of Velcro should also be glued or sewn on each puppet for eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. As the story is told, the various expressions can change to fit the tale. Even very young children can enjoy using this imaginative means of bringing their stories to life. Marge Pack Ericksen, Omaha, Nebraska