First Presidency Urges Respect for Law
June 1977

“First Presidency Urges Respect for Law,” Ensign, June 1977, 92–93

First Presidency Urges Respect for Law

A special statement issued by the First Presidency in recognition of Law Day, May 1, in the United States, urged members of the Church “and all good men and women around the world” to respect both ecclesiastical and secular laws.

In their statement, President Spencer W. Kimball, President N. Eldon Tanner, and President Marion G. Romney, said:

“Across America on the first day of May, a Sabbath this year, people will observe Law Day.

“On that day we call on members of the Church, and all good men and women around the world, to reflect on the blessings of good laws, and of observing them.

“For nearly a century and a half, one of the fundamental teachings of the Church has been the Twelfth Article of Faith:

“‘We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.’

“Much of the basic law of many lands comes from the Ten Commandments given to Moses by the Lord in Sinai. They were for the Israelites then. They are for us today.

“In this day of rising permissiveness we commend to people everywhere the truism that we cannot break the Ten Commandments. We can only break ourselves against them. We also express the hope that no government will enact laws, the observance of which will require a violation of any of the Ten Commandments or the other commandments of God.

“Good, law-abiding citizenship is a key to more abundant, joyful living. Taxes could be much lower, people would be more happy with their neighbors, homes would be strengthened, and each individual would find more inner peace, if laws were better observed.

“Let us teach our children more respect for the law. To do so is a precious investment in their freedom in the challenging tomorrows ahead.”