June 1977

“Contents,” Ensign, June 1977, 1


June 1977

Volume 7 Number 6

On the cover: Artifacts from the curator’s division of the Church Historical Department cluster wistfully around a potbellied stove in Brigham Young’s Beehive House. The unvarnished pine violin is hand-whittled, the neck a weasel’s head. The nickel-plated flatiron is open on top to receive hot coals or ashes. The “penny-farthing” bicycle has wheels that reminded someone of Britain’s large penny and small farthing. Wearing a child’s christening dress, a bisque-headed doll with real hair sits in a high chair that folds out into a stroller. And even the pedals on the Tom Thumb tricycle are wood.

Inside front cover: Brigham Young, Minerva K. Teichert, oil on canvas, 75″ x 65″, Brigham Young University art collection.

Inside back cover: London Temple