Pageants on Church Themes Set for 1977

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“Pageants on Church Themes Set for 1977,” Ensign, Feb. 1977, 95

Pageants on Church Themes Set for 1977

A total of nine dramatic pageants based on the gospel, the restoration, and Church history have been planned for this year. In addition, the traditional Promised Valley dramatic musical will be presented in the Promised Valley Playhouse, Salt Lake City, through July and August.

With the exception of the Nativity Pageant in Calgary, Alberta, all pageants are scheduled so that they will not conflict with Sundays or family home evenings. All are free of charge.

April 8–9, Mesa, Arizona Temple grounds—Easter pageant depicting the life, death, and resurrection of the Savior.

June 16–18, Independence, Missouri (near visitors center)—“Missouri, Mormons, Miracles,” dealing with the Book of Mormon and Church history.

July 12–16 and 19–23, Oakland, California (near the temple in tri-stake center)—narrates history of Joseph Smith and pioneer trek.

July 14–16 and 19–23, Manti, Utah (on temple grounds)—“Mormon Miracle” tells story of the organization of the Church with flashbacks to Book of Mormon days.

July 22–23 and 26–30, Palmyra, New York—Fortieth anniversary production of “America’s Witness for Christ,” on hillside at Cumorah.

July 22–23, Cody, Wyoming (high school auditorium)—“Lest We Forget” presents story of settlement of the area by the Saints.

August 9–13, Nauvoo, Illinois (near visitors center)—“City of Joseph” tells of the rise and fall of this Mormon settlement.

September 1–3 and 6–10, San Diego, California (in Old Town Park)—depicts the story of the march of the Mormon Battalion.

December 19–27, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Heritage Park)—Christmas Nativity Pageant.

Scene from Hill Cumorah Pageant, Palmyra, New York.