Trusted with Great Knowledge
February 1977

“Trusted with Great Knowledge,” Ensign, Feb. 1977, 86

“Trusted with Great Knowledge”

Morality is another term for faithfulness. To be moral in the restored gospel is to obey the Savior in all things. Why obey him in all things? Because he is a God of righteousness. He does not command by whim, but only by that which is righteous according to a standard that coexists with him.

I understand righteousness is to bless others. Only in Christ do men know how to bless others and only from him can they receive the power to bless others sufficient to the needs of mankind, for the Savior is the sole fountain of righteousness. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are his sheep. They hearken to his voice and come unto him, that he might fill them with the Holy Ghost.

Those who obey his commandments are thus moral. Being moral, they can then be trusted with great knowledge, for they will not abuse it. They will only use it to further the cause of righteousness in the earth.

Chauncey C. Riddle
Dean of the Graduate School
Brigham Young University