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“LDS Scene,” Ensign, Feb. 1977, 96

LDS Scene

Church members who have been collecting recognition and honors recently are: Eldon Linschoten, chief photographer for the Church and manager of Photo Services, received a bronze award for his entry in the Nikon Photo International Contest. He is one of only thirty-three photographers in the United States and 142 worldwide to be honored out of many thousands who entered the contest. His winning entry was of a group of young fans at a high school football game. Brother Linschoten, whose photography regularly appears in the Ensign, the New Era, and the Friend, has been a photographer for thirty-five years.

Harmon Killebrew, once named as the most valuable player in the American Baseball League, was the featured speaker at the luncheon inaugurating the thirty-sixth annual National Bible Week. The luncheon, held in New York, was attended by church leaders of many faiths, along with representatives of government and business. Following the luncheon, F. Charles Graves, director of the New York office for the Church’s Public Communications Department, was elected secretary of the Laymen’s National Bible Committee, which sponsors National Bible Week and conducts a year-round program to motivate Bible reading and study. Brother Graves has previously served on the advisory committee for National Bible Week.

For “outstanding achievement in public service announcements,” the Church’s Bonneville Productions garnered a second Gabriel award presented by UNDA-USA, the professional Catholic Association for broadcasters and allied communicators: The current award and the previous award were both received for the Church-sponsored “Homefront” public service announcements on radio and television, which are aimed at improving family relations.

Eldon K. Linschoten