New Mission Presidents Called
June 1976

“New Mission Presidents Called,” Ensign, June 1976, 86

New Mission Presidents Called

The First Presidency has announced the calling of forty-one new mission presidents, eight of whom will serve in newly created missions.

Among the new mission presidents are two General Authorities, Elder Loren C. Dunn and Elder Gene R. Cook of the First Council of the Seventy. Elder Dunn will be presiding in the Australia Sydney Mission and Elder Cook in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission.

Those assigned to missions in the United States are Blauer L. Bangerter of Provo, Utah, to Texas San Antonio; John W. Boud, Jr., Salt Lake City, to Pennsylvania Harrisburg; Walter Bowen, Orem, Utah, to North Carolina Greensboro; Donald S. Brewer, Salt Lake City, to Ohio Columbus; Val Henry Carter, Springfield, Virginia, to Montana Billings; Eldon W. Cooley, Mesa, Arizona, to Utah Salt Lake City; Clarence M. Hart, Washington, D.C., to Texas Dallas; William R. Horton, Salt Lake City, to Michigan Lansing; Edward A. Johnson, Boise, Idaho, to Missouri Independence; George L. Merrill, Calabasas, California, to Texas Houston; Russell C. Taylor, Arvada, Colorado, to Georgia Atlanta; Glen E. Van Wagenen, Salt Lake City, to South Dakota Rapid City; and A. Sterling Workman, Salt Lake City, to Florida Tampa.

Brethren assigned to other English-speaking missions are O. L. Alder, Fairfax, Virginia, to England Manchester; Merlin O. Baker, Salt Lake City, to Canada Halifax; Lee Vern Bracken, Tooele, Utah, to Philippines Cebu; Frank Wayne Chamberlain, Salt Lake City, to Canada Calgary; Richard M. Eyre, Salt Lake City, to England London South; Collins E. Jones, Calabasas, California, to New Zealand Auckland; Elwin Dale LeBaron, Orem, Utah, to South Africa Johannesburg; Howard Lamar Lund, Menlo Park, California, to Canada Winnipeg; William R. Roberts, Auckland, New Zealand, to England Leeds; and Clarence E. Wonnacott, Salt Lake City, Utah, to England Bristol.

Those assigned to Spanish-speaking missions are Eddy L. Barillas, a native of Guatemala now living in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to El Salvador San Salvador; Hugo A. Catron, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Spain Seville; David W. Ferrel, Gaithersburg, Maryland, to Ecuador Quito; Smith B. Griffin, Summit Park, Utah, to Spain Barcelona; George S. Nixon, Salt Lake City, to Spain Madrid; John Forres O’Donnal, Retal-huleu, Guatemala, to Guatemala Guatemala City; and John R. Poulton, Salt Lake City, to Mexico Mexico City.

Other new mission presidents are Kenneth Myers, Frankfurt, Germany, to Germany Munich; Glen Mark Roylance, Murray, Utah, to Germany Hamburg; Harrison T. Price, Hong Kong, to Japan Tokyo; Owen James Stevens, Fontainebleau, France, to Switzerland Geneva; Paul Kent Oscarson, Chesterfield, Missouri, to Sweden Goteborg; Harvey Dean Brown, now serving with the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, to Thailand Bangkok; Goro Yamada, a native of Japan now living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Japan Fukuoka; Parley B. Hales, Mt. Prospect, Illinois, to Taiwan Kaohsiung; and Shozo Suzuki, Osaka, Japan, to Japan Sapporo.

Assignments are still to be announced for other missions in the United States, Peru, Brazil, and Japan.