First Presidency Issues Statement on Election Year Concerns
June 1976

“First Presidency Issues Statement on Election Year Concerns,” Ensign, June 1976, 85

First Presidency Issues Statement on Election Year Concerns

The First Presidency has issued a statement encouraging individual participation in the political process during this election year in the United States, but cautioning against the use of the pulpit as a political platform.

The First Presidency said:

“As we in the United States enter into this important election year, we send this message of both encouragement and caution to Latter-day Saints.

“First, we encourage all members, as citizens of the nation, to become actively involved in the political process. The Church does not endorse candidates for office. However, we urge members as citizens to study carefully and prayerfully the candidates’ records and their positions on issues. Similarly, we encourage members as citizens to involve themselves in supporting measures on the ballot which they feel will strengthen the community, state and nation—morally, economically, and culturally.

“We urge Latter-day Saints everywhere to become actively engaged in worthy causes to improve our communities, to make them more wholesome places in which to live and raise a family.

“In the way of caution, we offer this counsel:

“1. Church organizations and Church-owned or operated buildings are not to be used in the distribution of literature or in making announcement or comments of support or opposition to candidates for public office or on election issues before citizens of this country.

“2. Such organizations and buildings are not to be used to solicit or gather funds on behalf of candidates or for government election issues, or for other political activities.

“3. In all such activities, Latter-day Saints must understand that they function as citizens of the nation and not as representatives of the Church. However, they should be urged to join other public-spirited citizens in causes for improving the moral climate of their communities.”