Conference in Tahiti
May 1976

“Conference in Tahiti,” Ensign, May 1976, 143–44

Conference in Tahiti

PAPEETE, Tahiti—The two-day area conference held here the last of the current South Pacific conferences. It was here that President Spencer W. Kimball and the nine other General Authorities on the tour met together after separate schedules in Australia.

It was here that the weather was kind and gracious, as cool ocean breezes wafted across the islands, providing a respite from the tropical heat.

It was here that the message was given to the Tahitian Saints to create a Zion in their midst. “To the Tahitians,” said President Kimball, “these beautiful islands are Zion. The gathering of the Saints is for you and me. We must get very, very busy to let our neighbors know the true values of the gospel. Do not ignore this important challenge.”

If there was a theme to the conference here it was one of love. President Kimball and the other Brethren who spoke repeatedly expressed their love for the Saints. And that that love was reciprocated was evident in the faces of the Saints.

On the second day of their visit here, President Kimball, accompanied by David M. Kennedy, ambassador-at-large for the Church, Tahiti Mission President Raymond R. Baudin, and Papeete Stake President Victor D. Cave, called upon the governor of Tahiti, Charles Schmitt. Governor Schmitt scheduled his time so that he could attend the last session of the conference.

There was an outpouring of music as the conference sessions progressed. Several choruses representing the elders, the Relief Society, and the youth added a special spiritual touch to the meetings.

In all, the conference raised the spirits of the Saints here and made them more determined to let the gospel light shine in their lives. As President Kimball said, “This could be a new day for Tahiti. The things you have heard are important to you. Put them into your lives.”


President Spencer W. Kimball, right, and President N. Eldon Tanner visit with the Papeete Tahiti Stake youth choir.