Conference in Brisbane
May 1976

“Conference in Brisbane,” Ensign, May 1976, 143

Conference in Brisbane

BRISBANE, Australia—For the Saints here, the area conference was brief. The Brethren arrived on a Sunday afternoon and left midday on Monday.

Brisbane was the site of the last Australian area conference, with the Brethren shuttling in from Sydney and Melbourne before they flew on to Tahiti, the final area conference in their South Pacific schedule.

Heavy rain was falling as President Spencer W. Kimball arrived, but the inclement weather was overcome by the warmth of the welcome as Primary children sang, “I Am a Child of God.” President Kimball, obviously pleased at the reception, softly sang along with the children.

Many of the Saints traveled long distances to be here so that they and their children could see and hear the prophet of the Lord. One family came from Darwin some 2,000 miles away; another came from Indonesia.

The Saints heard the Brethren urge them to greater efforts in accepting the responsibilities that come with the gospel; strengthening the home and sharing the blessings of the gospel with their neighbors.

Early the next day, the General Authorities met with the local priesthood leaders at a special breakfast to which they were welcomed by President William Proctor of the Brisbane Australia Stake. “I can’t think of anything more wonderful,” he said in his greeting, “than to have breakfast with the Prophet.”

In the Monday session, which started at 7:30 A.M., President Kimball commented that he had been assigned to organize the Brisbane Australia Stake in October 1965 as the 306th stake of the Church.

“I am pleased with the growth and the development of leadership here,” he said.

The session ended at 9:30 A.M., and within forty-five minutes the plane carrying President Kimball and his party flew out of Brisbane.

The Brethren’s stay in Brisbane had been short, but the love and the spirit that they brought will nourish the Saints here for a long time to come.


An Australian Boy Scout stands smartly at attention as children gather to greet President and Sister Kimball. (Church News photograph.)