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“Mirthright,” Ensign, Feb. 1976, 69


My husband served as president of the elders quorum at the same time I was serving as president of the Relief Society. One evening our five-year-old son answered the telephone. In reply to the question, “May I speak with President Holland?” he answered, “Which one, Mr. or Mrs.?”

Mrs. Geri Holland
Lincoln, California

My husband constructed a replica of the Nauvoo Temple from poster board for our Relief Society birthday celebration. After the celebration we returned it to a place of honor—on our living room piano. One afternoon I was startled to find it missing, but a quick investigation determined its whereabouts. Our two daughters were having a “Barbie Doll” wedding, and Barbie wanted to be married in the temple.

Mrs. R. Stephen Kuykendall
Superior, Arizona

As my companion and I were tracting in Winchester, Massachusetts, we introduced ourselves to one lady who stated that she was definitely not interested in hearing our message. I felt I would like to bear my testimony to her and began, “Before we go I would like to leave with you my testimony …” She cut me off: “Oh, no, honey! Don’t do that. I won’t be here when you come by to pick it up!”

Joan Belliston
New England Mission

We were discussing the patriarchal order in family home evening recently. I asked our five-year-old daughter, “Lanette, who is the leader in our home?” After a moment’s thought she replied, “Mommy is.” Hoping my ego and expression didn’t look too damaged, I replied, “Darling, are you sure? Isn’t Daddy the leader in our home?” “Oh, no! Mommy is. You’re in the bishopric!”

Mark A. Jansson
Newark, California

My missionary companion and I were discussing the transgression of Adam and Eve. We talked about the popular view of their eating an apple. Although we know that the Bible does not specify the type of fruit, we concluded it must have been a banana because they slipped and fell.

Elder Jeff Mitchell
New York Rochester Mission

During sacrament meeting, our stake president presented the names of our new branch presidency. Our seven-year-old son Lee enthusiastically raised his hand to sustain Brother Dodd as branch president. When the name of the first counselor was presented, I was shocked to see him raise his hand in opposition. I leaned over and asked, “Why did you vote negatively, Lee?” “I voted for Brother Dodd!”

Mrs. Lee Daily
Independence, Kansas

When we stopped by to give the second discussion to one of our investigators, his roommate answered the door. We explained that we were representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Too late,” the roommate replied. “The Mormons have already got him.”

Elder L. Plaizier
California Mission

As she was teaching her lively group of five-year-olds in Junior Sunday School, my cousin reported that one robust little boy had included this in his opening prayer, “And help us to be better next week than we are going to be today.”

Celestia O. Whitehead
Moscow, Idaho