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“Contents,” Ensign, Feb. 1976, 1


February 1976

Volume 6 Number 2

On the cover: For many years there has hung in the Temple Square Bureau of Information a beautiful tapa-bark cloth made by Samoan members of the Church after a visit to Temple Square. The style, so traditionally Samoan, and the subject matter, so typically Mormon, mark this artwork as one of the finest visual examples in existence of the concept of the worldwide Church.

Inside front cover: The painting, by an unknown artist, is titled View of South Temple by the Church Historical Department, and shows in detail the street after 1869 but before 1873. The house on the right was built by Elder Ezra T. Benson, then sold to Daniel H. Wells, counselor to Brigham Young. Across the street are the Lion and Beehive houses. Note the stone-lined irrigation ditch; the distant buildings on the right are Fort Douglas.

Inside back cover: Brigham Young. This is one of the earliest known photographs (actually a daguerreotype) of Brigham Young and was taken in 1850 by early Mormon daguerreotypist Marsena Cannon.