Standards for Musicians at Church Dances

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“Standards for Musicians at Church Dances,” Ensign, Feb. 1976, 49

Standards for Musicians at Church Dances

“There is need for priesthood leaders to help youth leaders maintain proper standards at Church-sponsored dances and activities. Dress, grooming, lighting, dance style, lyrics, and music should contribute to an atmosphere in which the Spirit of the Lord may be present. … Firm prior agreement with musical groups should be arranged to ensure proper standards. …” (Priesthood Bulletin, First Quarter 1974, item 3.)

To help priesthood and youth leaders maintain Church standards at dances, a performance contract has been prepared for leaders to consider using when they schedule musical groups. This contract would be signed by the performing group and by the priesthood leader or member of the planning committee. Thus the performers will be responsible to one person, and possible confusion due to conflicting comments is eliminated.

Some of the guidelines adopted by the Church, to which musical performers must adhere, state that the performers shall:

a. Not consume or have in their possession any alcoholic beverages, drugs, or substances controlled by law.

b. Not use tobacco on or near the premises of the performance.

c. Respect the high moral and ethical standards of the Church by presenting only high quality entertainment, routines, scripts, lyrics; all actions must be in the best of taste.

d. Avoid profanity, swearing, sexual promiscuity, disrespect for family, country, or other worthwhile institutions, etc.

e. Observe Church dress standards by not wearing T-shirts, grubbies, miniskirts or extremely tight-fitting clothing. Performers should be neat and modest, with hair of moderate length and beards neatly trimmed.

f. Observe any directions pertaining to the type of music to be played, volume of the music, etc.

The contract includes agreement on the price to be paid the performers, time and place of performance, and circumstances under which the contract may be canceled. Copies may be obtained for 3¢ each from the General Church Distribution Center, P.O. Box 11627, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Stock number PXMU0028.

Photo by Royce Bair