Outthink Fire
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“Outthink Fire,” Ensign, July 1975, 42

Outthink Fire

Being prepared for the eventuality of a home fire will reduce the chance of it becoming a major disaster. It will also decrease panic in case of emergency.

The family can prepare by discussing together what they will do in case of fire. All family members should be aware of escape routes and how they could be used. Perhaps a ladder or rope will be needed on a balcony or roof ledge.

Children should know how a window is opened. All family members should be warned not to open doors that feel hot and to close all doors behind them.

Once out of the house, the family will need to have a designated meeting point. No one should attempt to reenter, and this is the point at which firemen should be notified. When calling the fire department, give your address first—some in these situations have forgotten to mention it.

Once these plans have been made, they should be practiced and reviewed occasionally. If any special problems come up in the plan, local fire departments can provide good advice. Deborah Ann Quay, librarian, International Association of Fire Chiefs