A Clean Slate
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“A Clean Slate,” Ensign, July 1975, 43

A Clean Slate

As many Latter-day Saint families do, we keep a small chalkboard handy for messages, notes, and reminders. After long use, the board developed a slick surface and was almost impossible to write on. Investigating the cost of chalkboard paint, we found that even the smallest can would cost more than the board is worth. Instead, we substituted some dark brown wood stain that we had left over from another project. We stained the board horizontally, let it dry; then stained it vertically. While the stain is still slightly sticky, rub chalk dust over the board. Wipe off the excess chalk dust, and repeat the process until a thick film of chalk dust has formed on the board. A word of caution to chalkboard users: never clean the board with water—it ruins the surface and makes it shiny.

Illustrations by Phyllis Luch