Now My Life Is Full

“Now My Life Is Full,” Ensign, July 1974, 43

“Now My Life Is Full”

Something was missing in my life. Though I was blessed with good parents, a good husband, and a fine daughter, I seemed to always be searching for something to make life more fulfilling. I tried to enrich my life by playing the violin, painting, and writing poetry, but nothing filled the void. Sometimes I wondered if everyone felt this way or if I were the only one.

I studied personal development along with the Bible for two years, and I felt that there must be a higher power to pray to. One day I simply prayed, “If there is a God somewhere, then show me what is right.” It was not long before I received a marvelous confirmation that God lives. I had never known such joy! Yet, almost simultaneously, I experienced a strong desire to know what God looked like and what part our deeds played in gaining salvation. I could not accept the belief that God was just a spirit, everywhere present. I continued to study and pray.

Then one day two young men knocked at my door. They asked me if I would respond to five questions concerning the truth. I was curious, so I let them in and answered their questions. When they stood up, I was afraid they were going to leave, so I suddenly asked them, without knowing why, “Are you Mormons?”

I had had no previous contact with Mormons, thinking of them only as a sect in America. But they answered in the affirmative, and in that same instant the thought flashed through my mind: “They have a book that I must have! I have 100 kroner—I should get it for that.” To my surprise the Book of Mormon cost only 3.50 kroner.

I read it night and day, and while I had read some of the information in the Bible, now it was easier to understand. I knew that this was what I had been looking for all my life.

Later the missionaries taught me the six discussions, but I strongly protested against baptism and the concept that there could be a living prophet on earth today. Yet they were so sure. I thought, “If they can become so sure by asking God, then I can become just as sure.” My prayers were answered. At last I knew that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the only true church on earth. But strangely, I still resisted going to church.

I prayed earnestly to my Heavenly Father to discover what little thing it was that kept me from attending. Then I studied the scriptures to try to find an answer. One morning I awoke early, and the most beautiful voice I have ever heard said, “That little thing is you yourself, struggling in opposition.”

Nothing on earth could have kept me from church the next Sunday, and as I sat there I realized, “This is where I belong.” Soon after that I was baptized.

Now my life is complete. I am no longer searching, and I know that the more fully I live the gospel, the sooner my family also will accept it.