Does Your Family Know?

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“Does Your Family Know?” Ensign, July 1974, 61

Does Your Family Know?

1. Where the utility shutoffs in the house are, how to work them, and when?

2. Where your emergency phone numbers are posted?

3. Where to find all stored supplies and how to use them?

4. What the evacuation procedures and routes are from your home?

5. Where to meet (one primary place and an alternate) in case the family is separated during an emergency? Where to leave messages? Where to find emergency keys to the house and car?

Perhaps use a family home evening to practice these skills. Select three neighbors who will help out if the family is away from home. Show them where to find what they’ll need.

Try to have one friend or relative available outside your immediate neighborhood but within walking distance in case you need a place away from home to go. Be prepared to accept others if they need shelter and care.—David E. Lofgren, Salt Lake City, Utah