Educator Honored

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“Educator Honored,” Ensign, July 1974, 72

Educator Honored

The Mesa Community College football stadium has been named in honor of Dr. John D. Riggs, retiring executive dean of the school. Dr. Riggs, Sunday School president of the Mesa Arizona Stake, was named dean of the school in 1955 when it was founded as an extension of Phoenix College. He has served as executive dean since the school became an independent institution in 1965.

Active in Arizona education for many years, Dr. Riggs was also honored by the establishment of a perpetual scholarship fund in his name. Arizona Governor Jack Williams said of him: “As long as I can remember, the name Johnnie Riggs has been associated with and synonymous with education. He has been a tower of strength and a force for good.”

Before assuming his administrative role at Mesa Community College, Dr. Riggs was a mathematics teacher and coach at several Arizona schools. He is married to Juanira Voeker, and they are the parents of four children.

John D. Riggs