He Touched My Life
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“He Touched My Life,” Ensign, Feb. 1974, 27–29, 75–76

In Memoriam: President Harold B. Lee

He Touched My Life

The path President Harold B. Lee walked was narrow, even strait. But there was always room for someone else to walk it with him. He was a man greatly loved of other men, for to walk with him was to be touched and changed, comforted and challenged. The Ensign, in paying tribute to him, has chosen the homage of representative members of the Church, ordinary people. Some of them never met him. None of them knew him well. But in another way, all of them knew him intimately, for he spoke to their hearts. Many paths brought them to President Lee. They came because of their responsibilities, or because of their callings, because of their receptivity to his spirit, or because of their need for his strength. And they walked away different, changed. …