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“Bulletin Board,” Ensign, Feb. 1974, 58

Bulletin Board

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Back Copies of the Ensign May Be Ordered

It’s time to prepare your Sunday School lesson on courage. You remember that one of the General Authorities gave a talk on courage, and you know you read it in the Ensign.

But you can’t find your Ensign. If your past Ensigns have been cut up, thrown out, or similarly misused you may order back copies from the Subscription Department, Church Magazines, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150. The February and December issues for 1971, the January 1972 issue, and the October 1973 issue are not available.

BYU Adds New Associate Degree Program in Health

A new associate degree program in public health has been added to the curriculum at Brigham Young University.

The new program is especially designed to meet the needs of Indian students and their reservation communities. Students have enrolled in one of four specialty areas: alcoholism, mental health, nutrition, and sanitation.

The new public health curriculum is one of 19 associate degree programs offered at the University. Associate degrees are also offered to potential technicians in business, secretarial work, family living, piano, photography, library, nursing, law enforcement, chemical engineering, civil engineering, data processing, drafting, electrical work, electronics, graphic arts, light construction, materials science, and welding.

Each of the two-year programs requires 64 credit hours of course work. Students may begin their work in the fall, winter, or summer semesters.

More information on the associate degree program can be obtained by writing:

Associate Degree Program

Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah 84602

BYU Studies: Voice of LDS Scholars

One of the least known Church-related publications is BYU Studies—A Voice for the Community of LDS Scholars, a magazine edited and published quarterly at Brigham Young University.

Now in its thirteenth year of publication, BYU Studies offers both general interest and theme issues. The general issues include poetry, fiction, and scholarly articles on Church-related themes. And the special issues have included such topics as the history of the Church in Kirtland, Ohio, and an examination of the life and public career of President J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Current editor of BYU Studies is Charles Tate.

The publication describes itself as a “serious venture into the study of the correlation of revealed and discovered truth.” It adheres to the conviction that the spiritual and intellectual are compatible avenues of knowledge.

A subscription costs $7.00 for four issues and may be obtained by writing to:

BYU Studies,

Publication Sales, 205 UPB,

Brigham Young University,

Provo, Utah 84602.

Tabernacle Choir: Still at the Top of the Chart

“I don’t belong to any organized church. I listen to the Tabernacle Choir.” And that is the reaction of thousands of radio listeners and television viewers who listen to the Sunday morning broadcast from Temple Square. It is for many the outstanding religious experience of the week.

In addition to the choir’s broadcasts and Concert tours, their same spirited missionary message has been perceived by millions who have heard their recordings.

Two of the choir’s records have earned the coveted Gold Record Award, achieved when an album or single recording has sold one million copies. The winning records are “The Lord’s Prayer” and the “Messiah,” featuring the choir and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Other popular choir albums are “The Beloved Choruses,” “The Anvil Chorus,” “God Bless America,” “This Is My Country,” “Bless This House,” “This Land is Your Land,” “The Old Beloved Songs,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Greatest Hits (Volumes I and II),” and “Climb Every Mountain.”

The choir has recently released two new albums, one in Spanish, “Cielito Lindo,” and “Stars and Stripes Forever and Other Favorite Marches.”

Most large record stores stock the choir albums, but if you are unable to find the album you desire, it may be ordered from distributors of Columbia Records.