Support People Learning with Missionaries

Missionaries come and go from a ward, but you have the opportunity to provide a stable source of support for new members and those learning about the Church.

United as Members and Missionaries

Attending Lessons

Ward leaders or local missionaries may ask you to come with them to visit someone who is learning about the gospel. You can be a great source of support and encouragement to these new friends by adding your insights and testimony.

If you’ve never attended a lesson with missionaries before, don’t worry! You can plan ahead with the missionaries how you’ll participate, like reading a scripture or offering your thoughts on the topic being taught. The most important thing is to just be yourself.

What to Expect from a Lesson with the Missionaries

Offering Support Outside of Lessons

Some of the most important ways you can support a friend meeting with full-time missionaries may be found outside of scheduled lessons. Remember, everyone needs a friend. Here are some ways you can be that friend:

  • Remember that this is all new to them, and it’s natural for them to feel some skepticism or hesitation at times. Be a supportive listener that they can trust will take their feelings seriously and lovingly address—not dismiss—their concerns.
  • Offer a ride to church or church activities. Even if someone has their own vehicle, they might feel more comfortable coming with someone they know.
  • Follow up between lessons. For example, if the missionaries invite them to read certain scriptures, pray, or take other actions, you can ask them how it’s going. Friends may be more open to sharing thoughts and concerns with you outside of a lesson.
  • Introduce your friend to other people in your congregation. You can do so at church, or at social activities in your home.

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