Help a Friend Connect with Missionaries

Ponder and pray about who you can invite to meet with missionaries and when to do it. It’s okay if you start with a series of smaller invitations. The Spirit can help you to know what’s right for them.

Help a Friend Connect with Missionaries

Asking a friend to meet with the missionaries is a powerful way to share the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You want your friend to have a positive experience with the missionaries as they discover, learn, and grow. Now you can be more involved to help that happen. When you refer a friend to the missionaries, you can help the missionaries understand your friend’s needs, interests, and questions. You can also join the gospel discussions or missionary lessons in person or online. Do not just tell the missionaries to “drop by” on a friend without asking them.

Refer a Friend

Send a link so they can enter their own information

What to Expect from a Missionary Visit

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