Be a Good Friend and Neighbor

When we live the gospel of Jesus Christ, we show others the light and happiness that come from following His teachings.

Lift: The Power of Service

Visit Someone Who Lives Alone

When Jesus was on the earth, He paid special attention to the lonely. He sought out the sick, gave time to the grieving, and noticed those who had been forgotten. How can you do the same? Think of someone in your network or neighborhood who lives alone. Then, plan a time when you can stop by and visit with them. Often just your presence will mean more than you know!

Take a Meal to Someone

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to reach out in love to friend or family member. Whether it’s an entire meal or just a small snack, bringing food to others is a great way to show them that you care.

When a family has welcomed a new baby into their home or someone is having health problems, the ward looks for ways to help (see Mosiah 18:8). Often, that includes people providing home-cooked meals. Imagine if we turned outward and helped all of our neighbors and friends in the same way.

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Send a Thoughtful Message

Something as simple as a text message is often enough to make someone smile. Whether you choose to check in with a close friend or reach out to someone new, one message could make their whole day.

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