Help People Feel Welcome at Church

When people feel welcome, they want to come back again.

Christina Visits Church for the First Time

You won’t always have a friend who is ready to come to church. But you can make sure anyone who comes to church feels welcome.

  • Take the time to introduce yourself to people you don’t recognize. Even just a friendly smile can work if the meeting is about to start.
  • Offer to show visitors the way to their next class.
  • Make sure everyone has a place to sit, particularly those who show up late and don’t want to draw attention to themselves. This might look like sliding to the middle of pews, setting up extra chairs in a classroom, or motioning to an open spot next to you when someone is standing in the doorway.
  • Keep in mind that the jargon we use can be confusing for visitors, and help provide explanations when appropriate.
  • If you’re teaching or participating in class, speak respectfully of other religions or groups of people.

Discussion Ideas for Wards

If you have an opportunity to lead a discussion in a class or ward council, these questions can help foster a productive conversation:

  • How can we make our ward a welcoming community?
  • What can help all members of our congregation and visitors feel wanted and needed?
  • What areas could we improve?
  • How can we focus sacrament meetings on the teachings, healing, and sanctifying power of Jesus Christ so that they are accessible to friends, new converts, and returning members?
  • What callings or assignments could help people feel more welcome?
  • How can we make it easy for people to participate in activities?

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