Inviting Friends to Youth Church Activities

Youth have so many ways to invite their friends to participate in Church activities.

Friends Invite Friends to Come and See

Youth Enrichment Activities

Youth have the opportunity to take the lead in planning Young Men and Young Women activities. Think about friends you could invite, including youth from the ward who don’t attend as often, and plan activities around their interests. Make a point to reach out to to them individually instead of just sending a mass text or WhatsApp message.

Stake Dances

Invite your friends to dances where the dress, language, and music selection make for a fun and uplifting atmosphere. They will be able to tell the difference from dances they attend at school. Consider asking them to attend the planning committee to help choose the theme and playlist for the dance. The music will need to be appropriate, but together you can find popular music that everyone can enjoy. And they will be more likely to come to a dance they helped to plan.

Youth Conferences and FSY

Yes, your friends can attend. Between all the activities, classes, and devotionals, they will have a blast in addition to feeling the Spirit. Many friends will be attracted to the examples and testimonies of the youth of the Church and feel the desire to be around them more. As they grow in familiarity with the youth and their standards, they may begin to ask questions about the gospel.

Register for FSY


You’d be suprised how many of your friends are willing to wake up early or attend a class during school, just for the social aspect of being with their peers. But your friend may also be searching for answers about God and their purpose in life, whether they consciously know it or not. As they study the scriptures and feel the Spirit, they may want to learn more.


Camps are another opportunity for your friends to participate in wholesome activitites with the other youth. Always remember to be a good example and use clean language as you laugh, tell jokes, and talk late into the night. Your friends will also notice the little things like praying before a meal, reading your scriptures before bed, or sharing experiences of faith around the campfire.

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