Military Relations and Chaplain Services

    “We want you to know we love you, we remember you and we are proud of you!”

    Resources and Information for Military Members

    In this section, military members and Church leaders will find Church resources that are essential to building strong, successful, resilient Latter-day Saint members and families. This section also provides answers to questions that military members and their families often ask.Resources and Information for Military Members

    Military Relations Senior Missionaries

    Retired military couples are needed to serve as military relations senior missionaries. This section outlines the qualifications and responsibilities of these missionaries, as well as the locations where they might serve. Couples who are unable to leave their homes may be able to serve a military relations mission at a base near where they live.Military Relations Senior Missionaries

    Latter-day Saint Chaplains

    Chaplains endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serve people of all faiths. They ensure that individuals are afforded religious freedom and help to see that the religious and spiritual needs of individuals are accommodated. This section outlines the requirements to become a chaplain, the ministry responsibilities of chaplains, and the types of chaplaincies that are available.Latter-day Saint Chaplains

    Priesthood Leaders’ Responsibilities for Military Members

    This section is designed to help priesthood leaders understand their responsibilities for military members and their families. Church members in the military and their families face unique challenges as they serve their countries. By understanding these challenges, priesthood leaders are better prepared to minister to military members. This section covers establishing a ward, branch, or service member group for military members; the pre-military service Church orientation; the stake military relations committee; and other responsibilities of priesthood leaders.Priesthood Leaders' Responsibilities for Military Members