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Military Members

“Let us pray for those who are called upon to bear arms by their respective governments and plead for the protection of heaven upon them that they may return to their loved ones in safety.” —President Gordon B. Hinckley

Pre-Military Service

Military Service Orientation

When you join the military, let your bishop or branch president and your stake military relations specialist know so that they can support you in your service.

The Military Service Church Orientation digital learning experience provides instructions for members entering military service. It helps them learn what to expect regarding Church services and activities in the military. You can also view the entire military service orientation video in Gospel Library.

Chief Petty Officer Standley Pett, Circa 1980
Chief Petty Officer Standley Pett, Circa 1980

Military Service Orientation

Learn about what to expect as a member of the Church beginning military service.

Missionary Service & Military Obligations

In countries where military service is mandatory, Church members are generally required to complete their military service before serving a mission. In some cases, certain countries may allow the mandatory military service to be delayed until after the missionary service is completed.

United States Military

The United States has an all-volunteer military and does not have a draft, therefore military service is not mandatory. However, men ages 18 through 25 are required by law to register with the Selective Service System at or at any US post office within 30 days of their 18th birthday. In addition, men ages 18 through 25 who are not citizens but are living in the United States must register.

Listed below are the restrictions from the United States government on when a Church member who has joined the military may serve a mission.

Active Duty
Reserve or National Guard
Military Service Academies and Other Officer Commissioning Programs

Current Military Service

Find a Church Location or Leader

The digital learning experience Military Service Church Orientation is instructional and inspirational for all military members and their families.

Scripture study

During your military service, you may be transferred to different locations. To ensure that your Church records are available at your new location, please let your bishop or branch president know and provide the ward clerk with your new address. To find Church meeting locations, meeting times, maps, or the names and contact information for Church leaders, go to “Find a Church.”

If you are deployed aboard naval ships at sea or in remote or isolated locations where there are no established wards or branches, service member group leaders are called to provide worship services and look after the welfare of Church members. If you are preparing to deploy or need assistance in contacting the service member group leader at the deployed location, contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division at 1-801-240-2286 or If there is not a service member group or a chaplain endorsed by the Church at your deployed location, speak with your stake president regarding an appointment as a group leader.

Military relations missionaries serve near many military bases or training centers. They can assist you in many ways during your transition to a new base, during a deployment, or during periods of family separation. To locate the military relations missionaries in your area, contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division at 1-801-240-2286 or

Information for Group Leaders

Each service member group leader should receive a letter of appointment from the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division that confirms their authorization to serve as the Distinctive Religious Group Leader or Religious Lay Leader. Once a stake president calls a group leader, he should notify the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division so that a letter of appointment can be prepared and sent to the new group leader. The group leader should give a copy of the letter to the unit chaplain or to the commander if the unit does not have a chaplain. Without the letter of appointment, the military will not allow the group leader to conduct worship services.

The following resources are available for group leaders:

  • Sacrament Service Field Kit. This kit includes a combination bread and water tray that is collapsible, 100 sacrament cups, two cloths, sacrament prayer card, and a case.
  • Lesson Manuals. The current lesson manuals of the Church can be ordered.
  • Selected Hymns. This booklet contains 60 standard hymns selected from Hymns.
  • Small Poster. This announces the day, time, and place for Latter-day Saint worship services.

A group leader has the following responsibilities:

  • Represent Latter-day Saint military members at your location and establish a liaison with local military authorities.
  • Identify and contact Church members in your unit and at the same location. The chaplain may be able to provide a list of those who have identified themselves as Latter-day Saints and should help you establish a place and time for services.
  • Plan and preside over group meetings and activities.
  • Conduct a weekly sacrament service to give members the opportunity to partake of the sacrament administered under your direction.
  • Ensure that the dignity of the worship service is maintained in both word and deed. If time and conditions permit, hold Sunday School classes, priesthood meetings, and Relief Society meetings.
  • When feasible, organize ministering to ensure that all members of the group are contacted and strengthened often (daily, if needed) throughout the deployment period.
  • Report meeting attendance, the meeting location, and time to the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division so that a current group leader roster and contact information can be maintained.
  • Before leaving the deployed location, provide to the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division the name, email address, home ward, and home stake of a worthy priesthood member to serve as the new group leader.

A group leader should never:

  • Collect tithing or other Church donations.
  • Baptize individuals.
  • Ordain individuals to offices in the priesthood.
  • Resolve serious transgressions. Please refer these cases back to the member’s home bishop or stake president.

For answers to questions about service member group leaders or resources needed for groups, contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division at 1-801-240-2286 or email


General Resources for Retirees and Veterans

Veterans are a symbol of strength, honor, sacrifice, and freedom. The Church values the unique skills that veterans possess. Here are few resources for veterans and their families:

Veterans Transition Initiative

The Veterans Transition Initiative (VTI) was set up to assist veterans in every possible way. Veterans Transition Specialists help with employment, counseling, mentoring, and even adjusting to a new ward or community.

The VTI provides an advocate between the Church and veterans; directs veterans seeking employment within the Church to the proper contacts; and gives information about Church programs and services to veterans who need individual or family support.

Who qualifies as a veteran?

  • People who served for 180 consecutive days in the active military, reserves, or National Guard.
  • A person who was discharged (possessing a DD214) or released under conditions other than dishonorable or who is currently serving.

Information for Potential Military Relations Senior Missionaries

As a retiree or spouse of a retired member of the military, your experience and knowledge are invaluable assets to the Church. By serving as a Military Relations Senior Missionary, you will have the opportunity to minister to local service members and their families in life-changing ways. Visit the Military Relations Senior Missionaries page to learn more.

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Common Resources

Contact Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division: