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Serve as a Military Relations Senior Missionary

Any couple may serve as Military Relations Missionaries. You do not have to be retired from the military or have prior military service. Military Relations Missionaries serve at military installations throughout the world, including military academies, training bases, and operational bases. By serving a military relations senior mission, you will have the opportunity to minister to local service members and their families in life-changing ways.

Qualifications for Missionary Service

  • Basic computer skills (email, word processing, and simple spreadsheets)
  • Current temple recommend
Senior Missionaries

Responsibilities of Military Relations Senior Missionaries

  • Help local Church leaders minister to Latter-day Saint service members and their families.
  • Coordinate with other military relations missionaries and Church unit leaders to facilitate the smooth transition of military members and their families to new military installations. This is especially important when basic trainees move to advanced training bases and then on to their first permanent-duty station.
  • Visit families of deployed service members and provide support and encouragement.
  • Apply the eight lessons from Becoming a Self-Reliant and Resilient Family (2016) to teach military families how to develop resilience so they can better cope with the challenges of deployment and family separation.
  • Join the missionaries as they teach families and individuals serving in the military.
  • Support military members and their families in preparing for and receiving temple ordinances.
  • As needed, teach institute of religion classes to service members in the local area.
  • If necessary, serve as stake addiction recovery program group leaders.
  • Report to the stake military relations committee on activation, retention, and missionary activities and serve as the military liaison to the base as needed.
  • Foster understanding and support with military chaplains and commanders.
  • Provide volunteer service to service organizations on the military installation.

How to Apply

You have the option to serve as a full-time senior missionary stationed away from your home or as a part-time service missionary based at home. To see current openings and to apply for missionary service, visit the Senior Missionary site below.

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