I Can Play It!

This is a collection of simplified songs from the Children’s Songbook and Sharing Time Outlines. For new songs published in the Friend, click here.

Note: PDFs will be added as they become available.

NameSongSheet Music (No art)Sheet Music (with art)Music Video
“The Church of Jesus Christ” (November 2018 Friend)   
A Child’s Prayer (August 2013 Friend)MP3MP3
As a Child of God (January 2012 Friend)MP3 MP3
Baptism (May 2012 Friend)MP3MP3
Because I Am a Child of God (October 2015 Friend) MP3
Called to Serve (November 2017 Friend)MP3 MP3
The Church of Jesus Christ (April 2013 Friend)MP3


Choose the Right (February 2017 Friend)MP3 MP3
Come, Come, Ye Saints (July 2017 Friend)   
Come, Follow Me (July 2015 Liahona and Friend)MP3MP3
Dare to Do Right (August 2015 Liahona and Friend)MP3MP3
Easter Hosanna (March 2016 Friend)MP3 MP3
Families Can Be Together Forever (September 2012 Friend)MP3


Family History Is the Story of Me (July 2018 Friend)   
Family History—I Am Doing It (June 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
The Family Is of God (April 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
Family Night (July 2013 Friend)MP3


Follow the Prophet (May 2013 Friend)MP3


Gethsemane (March 2018 Friend)   
“Give,” Said the Little Stream (November 2015 Friend)MP3MP3
Had I Been a Child (September 2016 Friend)MP3MP3
He Sent His Son (January 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
He Sent His Son (January 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
The Hearts of the Children (September 2017 Friend)MP3MP3
The Holy Ghost (June 2015 Friend)MP3MP3
Hosanna (April 2012 Friend)MP3


I Am a Child of God (January 2013 Friend)MP3MP3
I Am Like a Star (September 2018 Friend)   
I Pray in Faith (August 2018 Friend)   
I Feel My Savior’s Love (July 2012 Friend)MP3


If I Listen with My Heart (February 2016 Liahona and Friend)MP3 MP3
If the Savior Stood Beside Me (March 2013 Friend)MP3


I Hope They Call Me on A Mission (November 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
I Know That My Savior Loves Me (March 2015 Friend)MP3MP3
I Love To See the Temple (October 2012 Friend)MP3


I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus (March 2012 Friend​ and Liahona)MP3 MP3
I Often Go Walking (May 2014 Friend)MP3 MP3
The Iron Rod (June 2017 Friend)MP3 
I Stand All Amazed (March 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
I Want To Be a Missionary Now (November 2012 Friend)MP3 


I Will Be Valiant (June 2012 Friend)MP3


I Will Follow God's Plan For Me (February 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
Jesus Is My Shepherd (September 2013 Friend and Liahona)MP3MP3
Joseph Smith’s First Prayer (January 2017 Friend)MP3MP3
The Lord Gave Me a Temple (August 2016 Friend)MP3 MP3
Love One Another (August 2012 Friend)MP3


My Heavenly Father Loves Me (February 2013 Friend)MP3


Nephi's Courage (February 2012 Friend)MP3


Praise to the Man (May 2016 Friend)  MP3
Repentance (June 2016 Friend)MP3 MP3
Reverence Is Love (November 2016 Friend)MP3 MP3
The Sabbath Day (August 2017 Friend)   
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus (December 2016 Friend)MP3MP3
Seek the Lord Early (August 2014 Friend)MP3MP3
Silent Night (December 2012 Friend)MP3


Stand for the Right (April 2016 Friend)MP3MP3
Teach Me to Walk in the Light (May 2015 Friend)MP3 MP3
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (April 2015 Friend)MP3MP3
Truth From Elijah (September 2015 Friend)MP3MP3
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet (March 2017 Friend)MP3 MP3
We’ll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman) (October 2013 Friend)MP3


When He Comes Again (November 2013 Friend)MP3


When I Am Baptized (June 2013 Friend)MP3


When Jesus Christ was Baptized (February 2015 Friend)MP3MP3