Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for
Ward Building Representatives

Watch the video to learn how ward building representatives can invite individuals to participate in cleaning the church building.




Begin with prayer. The opportunity to clean the meetinghouse is not only about keeping the buildings clean, it is about showing love to the Lord and respect for His house.

Help each participant feel important. To encourage participation now and in the future, it’s always a good idea to help participants know that their service is valued and needed.

Use cleaning cards. Participants may not know or remember everything they are supposed to do in their assignments. You can help them remember by using the cleaning cards that list the tasks they should do. You can download cleaning cards from this site if you don’t already have a system in place.

The cleaning cards list basic cleaning requirements for any meetinghouse by task type, such as cleaning glass and mirrors, rather than by area, such as cleaning the chapel or the halls. Making assignments by task type requires fewer cleaning supplies and less equipment. It also avoids making participants wait for supplies or equipment to be available in order to complete their assignment. You will have to decide how many people to assign to a task based on the needs of the meetinghouse you are cleaning. For example, if most of the floors in the meetinghouse are tile, you may want to ask two or three people to clean the tile floors together.

Do a Sunday quick clean. If your ward or branch is the last group to use a meetinghouse on Sunday, perform a quick clean following the last meeting. The quick clean prepares the meetinghouse for weekday activities and takes care of a few important needs. A Sunday quick clean includes the following:

  • Empty the trash containers, especially those that have a bad odor, such as diaper containers.

  • Refill paper towels and toilet paper as needed in the restrooms.

  • Return hymnbooks to shelves or storage areas.

  • Pick up paper and other trash in the chapel and throughout the meetinghouse.