Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for
Stake Building Representatives

Watch this video on training ward building representatives.




Communicate regularly with ward building representatives. Be in contact with the ward building representatives in your stake. For example, ask by phone or in person to learn if they have questions about their calling, to inquire about ward participation in cleaning assignments, or to find out if they have other concerns about the meetinghouse for which they have responsibility. Rather than simple yes or no questions like “Is everything okay?” you should ask open-ended questions such as, “How well is the ward supporting your cleaning efforts?” These kinds of questions will help you better understand what is happening at the meetinghouse.

Work effectively with ward building representatives. There are many ways ward building representatives can assist their bishop with meetinghouse cleaning and care. Review the ward building representative leadership page to understand the key principles they are encouraged to follow. Additionally, speak with each bishop to ensure that you are supporting their needs.

Resolve problems efficiently. You can give and receive reports and feedback on various issues that need attention. The Facility Issue Reporting (FIR) app is the best way to report concerns to your local Facilities Management group. For more information, watch the video “Helping You Care for the Meetinghouse,” or see the FIR app page at the Church’s online Help Center. With this app, you can track the status of the maintenance issues you report as well as other items reported within your stake.