Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for
Stake Presidents

Watch this video to learn the basic duties of meetinghouse care for stake presidents.




Realize that many approaches lead to success. As a stake president, you have the responsibility to oversee the care of buildings in your stake as well as encourage reverence and a focus on worshiping the Savior. While the Church provides general guidelines (see General Handbook 35.2.4), we encourage you to use inspiration to adapt your approach to local customs and needs.

Understand the roles of those you lead. Several leadership roles will help you in your duty over meetinghouse care in your stake. Take a few minutes to review these roles: stake building representative, bishop, and ward building representative. You can find additional information about these callings and their roles in General Handbook 35.2.

Communicate frequently. Communicate with the stake building representative regularly. This may be accomplished through asking for a report on the meetinghouse care activities of each ward or branch, or arranging for an occasional meeting to discuss it. Ensure that your representative has your interest and the support needed to perform well.

Thank those who participate. Gratitude goes a long way. Please take time to thank those who participate in cleaning meetinghouses in your stake. You may want to do this through direct, personal contact. The more directly you express your appreciation, the more meaningful it will be and the more inspired individuals will be to participate in the future.

Be involved. Even though you call a stake building representative to assist you, your involvement sets an example. Your actions teach others the importance of this work. If possible, take a turn cleaning the meetinghouse with your family. This will help individuals to have an increased desire to be involved.