Successful Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for
Stake Presidents

Essential Practices

Watch the videos below to learn the basic meetinghouse care practices of successful stake presidents.




Additional Successful Practices

Understand the Roles of Those You Lead - There are many ways to find success with meetinghouse cleaning and care. Whatever methods you choose, following key principles will help you find greater success. You can learn these key principles by reviewing the leadership pages for the stake physical facilities representative, bishop, and ward building representative. Thoroughly reviewing all three of these pages should take only about one hour. You can find additional information about these callings and their role in meetinghouse care in Handbook 1, section 8.2.

Communicate Frequently - Communicate with the stake physical facilities representative frequently. Ask him to report on meetinghouse cleaning and care for each ward or branch. Ensure that he has the support he needs to perform well.

Be Involved - Even though you call a stake physical facilities representative to assist with meetinghouse cleaning and care, your involvement sets the example of caring for sacred places. Your actions teach others the importance of this work.

It is important for you and your family to take your turn with cleaning the meetinghouse. Your example will give members an increased desire to participate.